Ordering at De Man – Werkendam / Hartberger is very easy. You decide how your shopping cart is filled and your order will not be finished until you have indicated that you have finished shopping and want to pay.

1. How can I order?
2. What are the shipping costs?
3. Is it possible to cancel my order?
4. Are all prices including of VAT?
5. I have another question

 How can I order? 


  1. Select a product
    - With the various search options in our webshop, you can easily search in our assortment of products. You can indicate on various pages which article you are looking for (like a country or year). Our range is divided over different brands, which are subdivided into different groups of products.

    - If you click on an article of your choice or interest, you get more information about the product. It is also possible to add this article to your Wishlist or favourites (If you are logged in on our website).

    - Did you make your choice? Then click on ‘Add to Cart’ to add the article to your shopping Cart. You can choose to pay directly or to continue shopping. If you choose to continue shopping, it is always possible to see what is inside your Shopping Cart. Click on ‘My Shopping Cart’ at the top right of our website to see what is inside and complete your order. If you are not sure about a an particulair article, you can always remove items by clicking on the trash can. The product will now be removed from your Shopping Cart.

  2.  Order as Guest, or login, or create an new account
    - You do not need to be logged in or create an account to make an order at our webshop. You will miss some benefits from our webshop, when you are ordering without an account.
    - Have you ever bought anything from our webshop? Then you can directly login with your e-mail address and your own chosen password.
    - Is this your first visit to our HARTBERGER webshop?  A one-time request is made to enter your details. The fields with a * are required fields. 

  3. Choose a payment method
    - If you have a discount code or Bonus points, you can enter this code in the payment selection. We then calculate the total price.
    - We offer different payment options. For more information about these options, you can look at the Payment Methods page. You can indicate which payment method you prefer.
    - Then click on the icon for 'Yes I agree with the terms and conditions and privacy policy’.
    - Then click on the next to go to the final-check page.

  4.  Finish your order
    You will now see an overview of your order. Here you can check whether all information and products are correct.
    Click on ‘complete order’ if all  details are correct. Do you still want to change something? Click on ‘change address details’ or ‘change payment method’. 


What are the shipping costs?

We calculate the following shipping costs:

Netherlands to orders of € 50.00 you pay € 4.95 in costs, from € 50.00 you pay no shipping costs.
Belgium to orders of € 75.00 you pay € 6.95 in costs, from € 75.00 you pay no shipping costs.
Shipping to other European countries (EU) you pay € 6.95.

All other countries outside the EU, shipping costs on request. Send us an e-mail: info@hartberger.nl

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel the order if it has not been sent yet.
See all terms and conditions.


Are all the prices including VAT?

Yes, in the counsumer webshop, all prices shown are inclusive VAT.
If you have a business outside the Netherlands and a valid VAT number, it is possible to make an order without VAT

Do you have any questions?
Do you have any questions, about your order or the product(s) etc. please contact our customer service or take look at the most asked questions page.
Email: info@hartberger.nl