Coin holders

HARTBERGER® coin holders are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, which have been specially selected to ensure that your coins are offered a storage system that won't harm your valued collection. The cardboard coin holder has a window of polypropylene stretch foil, free of acids, leads and other softeners ensuring that your coins are protected 100%.

All HARTBERGER® coin holders are available in 2 versions:

The coin holders are available in boxes of 25, 100 and 1000 pieces.
There is also a Assorti-Box available with 1200 coinholders, and a special Euro Assorti-Box with 500 coin holders specifically for Eurocoins.

The self adhesive coin holder gives the best protection to your coins, because the coin is 100 % closed from the outside-air. The outside of the coin holder offers the most space to write on.

Hartberger diameterkaartAvailable window sizes (50x50 mm outside):
15 - 17,5 - 20 - 22,5 - 25 - 27,5 - 30 - 32,5 - 35 - 37,5 - 39,5 mm

and extra large sizes (67x67 mm outside):
40 - 43 - 48 - 53 mm

You can find here a map with all diameters of the coin holders.

Why HARTBERGER® self adhesive coin holders:

  • The selfadhesive coin holder protects the coin against pollution from outside and corrosion by moist.
  • The selfadhesive coin holder has no hinges or staples, so you can write on the complete surface of.
  • The selfadhesive coin holders does not damage the pages.
  • All coin holders are available in boxes of 25, 100 and 1000.
  • HARTBERGER® is available in more than 5000 places in 50 countries.
  • All HB products bear the brand HB.
  • The price of the coin holder can never affect the value of your valuable coins.

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Remove foil

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Place coin

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Close coin holder