Self adhesive

The self adhesive coinholder gives the best protection to your coins, because the coin is 100 % closed from the outside-air. The outside of the coinholder offers the most space to write on.

Available window sizes (outside 50x50 mm):
15 - 17,5 - 20 - 22,5 - 25 - 27,5 - 30 - 32,5 - 35 - 37,5 - 39,5 mm, 24 mm square, 24x38 mm oval for Pressed Pennies

and extra large size (outside 67x67 mm):
40 - 43 - 48 - 53 mm.

There are Hartberger coin holders without hole (blind) 50 x 50 mm, to fill unused pockets. Can also be used as text cards. These can be found by the non-adhesive coin holders in the packaging of 100 and 1000 pieces.

Also available assorted boxes (50x50 mm) and (67x67 mm) with 25 pieces of all sizes and a box for only Euro coins.

The coin holders are packed per 25, 100 en 1000 stuks.

Pages for coin holders you find here.

Below you find our self adhesive Assorted Boxes.

Our HARTBERGER adhesive coin holders are improved with "EASY LIFT TAPE".
This makes the removal off the cover sheet 100% easier and the adhesive force has remained the same..