Euro albums

After many years of preparation on January 1, 2002, the time came that Europe and especially the Euro-countries start to make use of the Euro notes and coins. The total change had big effects on the (international) payments, but also creates  a total new world for you as a collector. The collector in the past often limited himself to collect coins from only one country. But now you can collect Euro coins from 12 different countries! It really starts to be a HOT ITEM, because you can find and collect all those 12 different kinds of Euro coins in all the 12 different Euro countries. It is getting more easy and a lot of fun to collect all those 96 coins (12 x 8 coins) each year. From 2007 there were 13 different countries. From 2008 15 different countries, from 2009 16 different countries and from 2011 17 different countries.

HARTBERGER® wouldn’t be HARTBERGER® if they didn’t design a special preprinted album. Because these albums are not only available for The Netherlands, but from now on all European countries, there are several options for the content.

Every year there is 
Every year a new supplement appears for each country on which the 8 different Euro coins are shown(1 Euro-cent t/m 2 Euro), some countries starts in 1999. This pages are available separately, so that you can collect each country, you want.

Above albums are available in 2 versions:

Also separately available:

For all the albums are the GMS ringbinders separately available, which is provides with a back label.
Every binder is delivered completely with a preprinted page with every European Country on it, which you can cut and use as a back label.

For some EU countries are commemotative coins available which are only valid as legal tender in the countries of origin, not in other EU countries. For this kind of commemotative coins are the special preprinted pages available called: GMI20R.

If you want to collect all the German mint characters you’ll need 5 preprinted supplements. There is a special area on this supplements where you can write down the character of the German Mint (A/D/F/G/J).In the S1 Euroalbum there is only 1 supplement of German. You can find the extra supplements in extra pages and supplements. This also applies for Monaco, San Marino en Vaticaan, you can find the extra supplements in extra pages and supplements

                                                                           Below are the most popular albums of this moment:


Hartberger Euroalbum 2017 alle landen

Euroalbum 2017 all countries


2 Euro commemotative album

Coincard album Netherlands

5 Euro & 10 Euro commemotative NL